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Li Jinzao: To Advance the Toilet Revolution Steadily and Meet the Ever-Growing Demand for a Better Life

Beijing Marks 2017 World Toilet Day & China Toilet Revolution Awareness Day

2019-08-26 16:05:00 来源:CNTAIC [ ] [打印]

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, November 19 In an attempt to carry forward the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the instructions made by Chinese President Xi Jinping on the Toilet Revolution, Beijing celebrated the World Toilet Day & China Toilet Revolution Awareness Day on November 19, drawing speakers such as CNTA Chairman Li Jinzao, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of People’s Daily Lyu Yansong and Deputy Director of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation China Kathleen Walsh. At the event site, CNTA Vice Chairman Li Shihong announced the Three-Year Action Plan for the Construction and Management of Tourist Toilets in China (2018-2020). 

Li remarked that: Following the instruction made by President Xi Jinping in 2015, a nationwide Toilet Revolution has been launched, with provincial Party and government heads playing the leading role and many municipal Party secretaries and mayors acting as the head of local leading group for the Toilet Revolution. CNTA has made the Toilet Revolution the No.1 project of the Chinese tourism industry, vigorously implementing the well-thought three-year action plan for it. The Toilet Revolution is a practical answer to people’s growing demand for a better life, follows the trend of holistic tourism in the new era, and is a pressing task for the transformation and upgrade of Chinese tourism industry. It has scored remarkable achievements in the past three years, but still falls behind the rapid tourism development and short of the growing demand for a better life, so it’s imperative for us to develop and launch another three-year action plan.

He stressed that: In his report to the 19th CPC National Congress, President Xi proposed that as socialism with Chinese characteristics entered a new era, the principal contradiction facing Chinese society had evolved to be the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life. In the new era, tourism is growing into a mainstream manifestation of people’s aspiration for a better life and a major channel for all-round development of individuals and common prosperity of the country. The Toilet Revolution is not just about improving the travel environment, but also about improving the working and living conditions for the general public, thus promoting the progress of individuals and the society alike. We shall apply the instructions of the 19th CPC National Congress to the latest round of Toilet Revolution, follow the guidance of the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era proposed by President Xi Jinping, and focus on addressing the contradiction between the unbalanced, inadequate tourism development and the ever-growing needs for a better travel environment. Centering on the development of holistic tourism, we shall adhere to the principles of ‘promoting holistic development, improving quality, deepening reform, and seeking innovation and breakthrough’, consolidate the fruits of the last round of Toilet Revolution, promote useful experience, deepen reform, and comprehensively improve the quality of toilet management and service, so as to open up a new chapter of the Toilet Revolution.

He added: We must adhere to the concepts, strategies, and ideas put forth by the 19th CPC National Congress while launching a new round of Toilet Revolution. We shall pursue people-centered development, expand the space for holistic development, tighten the weak links in a problem-oriented way, promote collaborative development and produce the synergy effect. We must also leave firm footprints along the way, nail down every project, roll up our sleeves and take substantial measures to keep advancing the Toilet Revolution.

In his remarks, Lyus said: “With people’s wellbeing in mind, President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the Toilet Revolution and has given instructions about it. We have fulfilled the goals and tasks of the previous three-year action plan, extended the Toilet Revolution from inside tourist attractions to their surrounding environment, from urban to rural areas, and opened it up to embrace the trend of holistic tourism and stimulate the development of public tourist services, making it a driving force behind a better travel and living environment. From the conditions of public toilets one can tell how well a place has developed. The Toilet Revolution has received much support from the general public and will benefit them in the long run. As the next three-year action plan is unveiled, we are willing to continue to work with CNTA and other walks of the society in promoting the Toilet Revolution, and contribute to the improvement of China’s living environment and to people’s wellness. We will continue to employ all kinds of media resources to follow up and report the progress of the Toilet Revolution.”

Walsh said, “As the pioneer, advocate and practitioner of the Toilet Revolution, CNTA has made remarkable achievements in the past three years: more and more tourist toilets are built, the service mode keeps improving, and the Toilet Revolution is gaining popularity and recognition among all walks of society. On top of that, CNTA sets its goal higher and is about to launch the next three-year action plan. Our foundation hopes to seize this opportunity to contribute more to China’s Toilet Revolution, strengthen and expand cooperation with CNTA and local government, promote the Toilet Revolution worldwide, demonstrate and promote the latest technologies, and spread China’s experience and best practices to the rest of the world, so as to accelerate the global Toilet Revolution.”

The new three-year action plan will follow the principles of “promoting holistic development, improving quality, deepening reform, and seeking innovation and breakthrough”, concentrate efforts in four areas – improving the construction quality and the toilet management and service, strengthening the application of latest technologies, and promoting user etiquette, and ensure their effect with strong organizational and financial support, strict assessment and supervision, and increased publicity and educational activities. The goal is to build a sufficient number of reasonably distributed, well-managed, and eco-friendly tourist

toilets with considerate services and sound sanitation conditions. By the end of October 2017, about 68,000 tourist toilets had been built, remodeled or expanded, beating the original goal (57,000) by 19.3%. China plans to build 47,000 more tourist toilets and remodel or expand 17,000 more from 2018 to 2020.

At the launch ceremony, the Public Opinion Monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online announced model units in the Toilet Revolution.

It’s learnt that the Award of Outstanding Contribution is granted to Inner Mongolia Commission for Tourism Development, Fujian Commission for Tourism Development, Jiangxi Commission for Tourism Development, Shandong Commission for Tourism Development, Hubei Commission for Tourism Development, Hunan Commission for Tourism Development, Guangxi Commission for Tourism Development, Guizhou Commission for Tourism Development, Tourism Zhejiang and Tourism Jiangsu; and the Model City Award goes to Harbin (Heilongjiang), Chengdu (Sichuan), Xi’an (Shaanxi), Chengde (Hebei), Linfen (Shanxi), Liu’an (Anhui), Xinyang (Xinyang), Chaozhou (Guangdong), Jinchang (Gansu), and Zhongwei (Ningxia).

Also present at the event were senior officials from media outlets including People’s Daily Online, xinhuanet.com, cnr.cn, china.com.cn, ce.cn, and ifeng.com, from CNTA departments concerned, and from provincial tourism authorities and tourist cities concerned.


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